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Natural Nirvaan Henna Hair Color – Hair/Beard/Mustache


Henna hair color for Hair/Beard/Mustache is 100% chemical-free. It is a single-ingredient product that is safe for your hair and skin. Use it dye your hair or cover gray.

Ingredient: Henna/Lawsonia Inermis

Product package includes shower cap, gloves and instructions. Net Weight: 100g/3.5oz

You will have to mix henna and indigo in varying proportions for different colors.

Please see Natural Nirvaan Color Chart for color possibilities and what proportions of henna to/and indigo you need.*

Natural Nirvaan Henna Color Chart

Choose Your Henna Hair Color! Click On Chart To Enlarge

Remember the more henna you use in the mixture, the more the resulting color will move towards the spectrum of red-infused colors. The more indigo you use, the darker the shade will be, from browns to the deepest black. For the deepest black, use henna and indigo in a two-step process.

The above proportions are a guideline, you may adjust proportions to create colors that are variations of the above.

How Much Product Do I Need

  •  50 grams of total product (so if you’re using a mix of henna and indigo, then the total should add up to 50 grams) will color your beard and mustache.
  • 100 grams of total product will color short hair.
  • 200 grams of total product will color shoulder length to mid-back length hair.
  • 400 grams will color waist length hair.

The proportions you need may vary depending on the thickness of your hair.

*Important: Please note, that your hair color results will depend on your original hair color, it’s variations in shade etc. because henna is a translucent dye that binds to your hair protein to create the resulting shade. So the color you will end up with will be your very own and naturally beautiful!

Please see Instruction Page for information on how to color your hair with henna.

You’ve made the best decision for your health and wellness by switching to chemical-free Natural Nirvaan products.

Beauty should always be in harmony with your health! 



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