How To Use Indigo

How To Use Indigo Hair Color – Hair/Beard/Mustache

Ingredient: Indigo/Indigofera Tinctoria. Package comes with shower cap, gloves and instructions.

The color chart below will give you an idea of the hair color possibilities.*


Choose Your Henna Hair Color! Click On Chart To Enlarge

Choose Your Henna Hair Color! Click On Chart To Enlarge

Indigo is a natural hair color, which releases a blue dye but when mixed with henna results in shades from black to brown and reddish brown.

How To Use Indigo Hair Color For Hair/Beard/Mustache — Proportions Of Henna & Indigo To Mix For Varying Colors

• 100% Henna =  Red

• 2/3 Henna + 1/3 Indigo = Burgundy

• 1/2 Henna + 1/2 Indigo = Dark Brown

• 2/3 Indigo + 1/3 Henna = Brown

• Henna Followed By Indigo In a 2-step Process = Darkest Brown To Black

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Remember the more henna you use in the mixture, the resulting color will move towards burgundy and deep red. The more indigo you use, the darker the shade will be from browns to the deepest black.

So, in other words, the above proportions are a guideline. You may adjust proportions to create colors that are variations above. Do a strand test to figure out the exact shade you want.** It may sound like a bit of work compared to just buying a box from the grocery store and using that. But a little a extra time invested on a 100% pure, botanical product that gives you great results is well worth it.

How To Use Indigo Hair Color For Hair/Beard/Mustache — How Much Product Should You Use

• 50 grams of total product (so if you’re using a mix of henna and indigo, then the total should add up to 50 grams) will color your beard and mustache.

• 100 grams of total product will color short hair.

• 200 grams of total product will color shoulder length to mid-back length hair.

• 400 grams will color waist length hair.

The proportions you need may vary depending on the thickness of your hair too.

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How To Use Indigo Hair Color For Hair/Beard/Mustache — How To Prepare Indigo

When you’re ready to color your hair, mix indigo powder with water and a pinch of salt to make a paste the consistency of yoghurt (Unlike henna, Indigo does not need time to develop, so only prepare it when you’re actually ready to apply it.) Then add this immediately to the ***pre-prepared henna paste and mix well so the two mixes have blended well to form an uniform color (developed henna has a brown color and indigo paste is dark green) and apply on hair generously.

***How To Mix Henna Hair Dye & Color Your Hair With Pure Henna

Mix henna with water and orange or lemon juice (more water, less juice or 8:2 ratio) to make a thick yoghurt-like paste, let it develop for 8-12 hours.

Cover your head with shower cap and/or plastic wrap. Leave it on for at least 3 hours. Rinse off well under the shower and wash the remaining paste off with a conditioner.

Use the same process for beard and mustache and cover with plastic wrap.

True hair color will only show after a few days.

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*Important: Please note, that your hair color results will depend on your original hair color, it’s variations in shade etc. because henna is a translucent dye that binds to your hair protein to create the resulting shade. So the color you will end up with will be your very own and naturally beautiful! For example, iff you and your friend have slightly varying shades of medium brown and you apply the exact same mix, both your hair colors will vary slightly.

**How To Do A Strand Test?

Collect the hair from your hairbrush and follow the same directions above to make a paste with a small amount of product, apply prepared paste to the collected hair, wash and dry and test to see if that’s the color you want.

How To Test For Individual Allergies

Use a small portion of the powder and follow the instructions above to make a paste, after the paste has developed apply to inner elbow, leave it on for an hour. If no itching or adverse reactions occur, you’re good to go.

You’ve made the best decision for your health and wellness by switching to chemical-free Natural Nirvaan products.

Beauty should always be in harmony with your health!

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