Henna or Mehendi powder is made from the sun-dried leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis plant. It is a single ingredient product that can also be used for the application of beautiful temporary tattoos to the skin. Henna is the best alternative to chemical hair dyes which are harmful for your skin and health. And if you’re someone that develops allergies to PPD (paraphenylenediamine) and/or any other chemicals found in conventional hair dyes, Natural Nirvaan hair dyes are the perfect option.

Yes, our henna product has been lab tested for the highest dye content and are perfect for henna tattoos too. They are sourced from organic farms in India where henna plants thrive and grow best. Natural Nirvaan henna is Body Art Quality (BAQ) henna.

“Body Art Quality” henna is:

  • Henna that has a very high natural dye content.
  • Henna that is very finely ground and triple sifted so it’s easy to apply and rinse off.
  • Henna that is pure: only organic sun-dried, powdered Lawsonia Inermis leaves are used.
  • Body Art Quality henna also makes the most effective hair dye giving you the best results.
  • It also makes for the easiest application process and is also easy to wash off.

Lawsone, the red-orange dye molecules (ranging from 0.3% to 3% or higher at harvest) that naturally occur in henna leaves is what gives henna it’s color.

The Lawsone dye found in henna leaves is what stains your hair or skin a reddish-orange/reddish -brown. This dye is released when the henna powder is mixed with water and/or citric acid (lemon juice or orange juice). When applied to hair the dye migrates into the hair shaft and binds with the proteins in it to color your hair. Unlike chemical hair dyes henna hair dye is translucent, which means that it will combine with your natural hair color to give your hair natural highlights and lowlights depending on the varying shades of your natural hair color.

Yes, Natural Nirvaan’s Body Art Quality henna will permanently dye your hair, the dye permanently binds to the keratin in your hair and will not fade and will intensify over a week or so to the right color through the process of oxidation. And once the henna dye has oxidized to its final shade, the color is permanently attached to the hair. Shampoo, chlorine and heat will all cause some type of degradation as it would with any type of permanent hair dye. But because the natural dye in henna is a single ingredient, pure and natural product, it degrades much slower than multiple-compound synthetic dyes. Repeated applications of real 100% henna and 100% henna and herb mixes will lead to a richer color with each application of henna. If henna dye is used only as a one time application, it may lighten a few shades from its deepest shade after a few weeks, but the basic henna color will remain until it grows out.

Yes, Natural Nirvaan hair dyes are safe for your skin and hair as they are 100% herbal or plant-based products.

No, Natural Nirvaan’s products are 100% pure and free of added chemical dyes and other synthetic or lab-created compounds, which are harmful and harsh on your hair and skin.

Yes, Natural Nirvaan products are tested by an independent laboratory for quality.

Compound henna is usually made from lower quality henna, which has a lower dye content. This henna is mixed with other synthetic and natural dyes to create a range of colors. So compound henna is not 100% pure henna, it may include metallic salts, synthetic dyes like para-phenylenediamine other plant materials and dyes.

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