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Platinum Blonde to Orange With Henna
All the platinum blonde’s out there, every wondered what color your hair would turn if you dyed it with just henna or 100%? Well we have the answer! If you’re interested in changing it up and going a dramatic orange with a 100%
Tips For Coloring Stubborn Hairline Gray With Henna Hair Col
Below are some tips for coloring stubborn hairline gray with henna hair colors or henna hair dyes. I have had a few people ask me this question “henna hair color works great for me, but it doesn’t seem to cover the stubborn hairline gray,
How To Cover Your Gray/Color Your Hair Medium Brown With Hen
How to cover your gray/color your hair medium brown with henna hair colors? If your base color is a medium brown with some gray in it and you’d like to cover your gray/color your hair medium brown with henna hair colors, you would need to

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