How To Cover Your Gray/Color Your Hair Medium Brown With Henna

How to cover your gray/color your hair medium brown with henna hair colors? If your base color is a medium brown with some gray in it and you’d like to cover your gray/color your hair medium brown with henna hair colors, you would need to mix 50% of henna with 50% of indigo. If your brown hair has natural highlights or lowlights and gray, then please remember that they will all absorb the color on their base color and the resulting color will have natural lowlights and highlights too.


How To Mix: Mixing your own henna hair colors is the best route to take because you’re able to figure out exactly which color is best for you as everyone’s base color is different. Henna takes a longer time to develop than indigo. So, first mix your henna with water and a couple of tablespoons of orange juice or apple cider vinegar. The consistency should be that of yoghurt, you don’t want it runny. Now leave the henna to develop for 6-8 hours.
When the henna is ready for application, mix the indigo with water and a teaspoon of salt in a separate bowl to the same consistency as the henna and then mix it right away into the henna paste until the colors of both henna and indigo blend together and it’s an even color. Apply the paste to your hair immediately.
How To Prepare Your Area And Yourself:
Cover the floor where you’ll be coloring your hair with newspaper to catch any blobs that may fall on to the floor.
Wear old clothes, which you wouldn’t mind getting messy.
How To Apply:
Divide your hair into two, tie one side up in a bun and work on the other side. Section your hair and apply the henna on thick from the roots to the ends. Roll up your first completed section of hair into a bun, and roll/wrap all the remaining sections around it. When done, you should end up with 2 buns on top of your head:). In the end  your head should look like a sculpted mud head with all the hair completely covered. If you have gray along your hair line, make sure to cover it really well as they are resistant to absorbing color if not covered well. Cover with shower cap enclosed.
How Long Should You Leave The Henna On?
Two to three hours. I usually leave it on for two hours and it colors my hair just fine.
How To Wash:
Rinse off under the shower until water runs almost clear, then wash off with conditioner. Do not use shampoo.
The color takes a few days to settle in, so please don’t wash your hair with shampoo for at least a week.
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