How To Do Root Touch Ups With Henna, Indigo & Cassia Hair Colors

How To Do Root Touch Ups With Henna, Indigo & Cassia Hair Colors
First of all, can you touch up your roots with henna, indigo and cassia hair colors? Yes! In this article, we will show you how to do root touch ups with henna, indigo and cassia hair colors (or henna and it’s related hair colors, in short henna hair colors). With henna hair colors, it is suggested that you first go through a couple of complete henna (indigo/cassia) hair color sessions to allow your hair to settle into the color you want before switching to doing just your roots. And, of course, use your judgment to figure out how often  to do root touch ups. Ideally, you want to color your entire head of hair every two to three months or so and switch root touch ups in between the hair-coloring sessions.

henna root touch up

And how do you do your roots with henna, indigo and cassia hair colors? Use the same method you do when you normally color your hair with henna hair color paste but instead of applying the paste to the entire length of hair, just apply the henna paste generously to about an inch up from the roots. Fill the henna up in a squeeze bottle and use it for easy application or just slather it on with your gloved fingers, which I like best and find easiest. Our Natural Nirvaan hair colors come with a pair of free gloves and shower cap for your convenience.

sqeeze bottle for henna

Here are the steps broken down simply:
  1. First divide your hair into two sections on either side of a center part, tie one side up into a pony tail or a put it up into a bun, or if it’s really short, you can ignore this step.
  2. Next, work on the free side, in little sections. Use the pointed tip of the handle of your comb to draw an imaginary line from your front hair line to the top of your head, as far back as you can go, to the right or left of the center part (depending on which side you start with).
  3. Hold the hair up in this section and apply the henna paste about an inch up the hair shaft. Then push this hair over so you can work on the next row of hair and so on.
  4. You can also work in square inch sections and cover it up with aluminum foil but the previous way is better because if you have any left over you can use it to glaze the remaining hair to condition it!
So that’s the way you touch up your roots with henna, indigo and cassia hair colors, if you’re confused or if you have a different method, please share it with us. Questions and comments are always welcome!
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