Go From Gray To Lustrous Black With Henna & Indigo Hair Dyes

You’re almost 80% gray and have been using conventional hair dyes for most of your life leaving your hair brittle and damaged. You still want the gorgeous black hair that once framed your ┬ábeautiful face but want to get away from chemical hair dyes. We have the answer for you – use Natural Nirvaan’s 100% chemical-free henna and indigo hair dyes.

So, how do you dye your hair jet black with henna and indigo? How do you cover your 80% gray hair with a nice shiny black? By dyeing your hair with both henna and indigo in a 2-step process! The same process works for going from any lighter color to black.
Step 1: Apply henna to your hair, leave it on for three bourse and then rinse/wash off. Don’t be alarmed if you’re hair is any shade from orange to orangish-red. That’s going to change soon.
Step 2: Once your hair is dry. Mix indigo with a teaspoon of salt and apply it to your hair and leave it on for a few hours. Rinse off. Voila! Your hair is a beautiful shiny black!
Let us know if you’ve tried this process and what your results were.
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