Why Is It Important To Use Body Art Quality Henna To Color Hair?

Why is it important to use Body Art Quality Henna or BAQ Henna to color your hair? The answer is simple, Body Art Quality Henna or BAQ henna is the best quality henna you can get. Variables for quality when it comes to henna include – purity, fineness or how well it is powdered, which is measured in microns, and how high the dye content is.

henna tattoos

Countries that produce BAQ henna reserve the best henna or that with the highest dye content for body art. Body Art Quality henna is finely ground and triple sifted to remove all the fibre and stem materials so that a very fine powder remains. The resulting fine powder makes it easy for artists to create intricate designs for henna tattoos or body art. In countries of North Africa, Middle East and South Asia the application of henna tattoos is traditionally and culturally used to celebrate festivals and special occasions like weddings.

henna powder

The finely powdered Body Art Quality Henna not only has a high dye content, which is an important quality to function as a hair color, but is also easy to wash off. So be careful when you buy henna, always buy from a vendor who knows where their product is coming from and whose vision is to provide you with the best quality products. Here at Natural Nirvaan our products are sourced directly from the farmers in India where their main crop is henna. So we are able to bring you the best Body Art Quality Henna at the best price possible because there aren’t multiple middlemen or -women. We also have our products tested at an independent laboratory for quality.
To sum it up, make sure to buy Body Art Quality Henna to color your hair, it’s the best henna hair color you can purchase.
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