How To Mix 100% Henna Hair Color For Dyeing Your Hair Red

How To Mix 100% Henna Hair Color For Shades Of Red. I say shades of red as the color will vary depending on your original hair color. Click here for the Natural Nirvaan Color Chart. Herbs added to your henna may be good for your hair but they dilute the color of henna. If you’re going for the strongest shade of red possible with henna, then use just 100% henna.
Your hair color results will depend on your original hair color, it’s variations in shade etc. because henna is a translucent dye that binds to your hair protein to create the resulting shade.

Natural Nirvaan How To Mix Henna

Mixing henna powder with the juice of a citrus fruit (lemons/oranges) helps in optimal release of henna dye and tea helps in boosting the color released. Brewing your tea with loose leaf tea produces a stronger tea compared to that brewed from tea bags but if tea bags is all you have access to, then that would work just fine but you may have to use a lot more of them.
Mixing your henna with only water produces a very weak release of the henna dye. And do not use hot water or hot tea, you will end up with a weak dye.  Below is a short video on how to mix 100% henna hair dye when you want the deepest shade of red possible with henna. What is your experience with dyeing your hair with 100% henna? Please feel free to get in touch with us here with any questions or comments you may have.

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